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What is In El Dorado County? Simply put, In El Dorado County is a new way to find out about, and participate in, what’s going on near you.  From El Dorado Hills to Placerville to Tahoe.

We’re a community-specific news and information platform dedicated to providing comprehensive and trusted local coverage for El Dorado County communities.  In El Dorado County is a fast-developing online newspaper and news resource that brings its readers up-to-date information on El Dorado County issues.  In El Dorado County provides an interesting mix of hard news stories as well as being an important source of local information and opinion. We do not simply focus on the big stories, but seek out some of more unusual and interesting issues from around the county.

We want to make your life better by giving you quick access to the information that’s most relevant to you. In El Dorado County makes it easy to:

Our coverage will, to a large extent, be guided by readers: We pay close attention to the comments in all our articles, looking for tips, corrections, new angles and story ideas. You can can also pitch stories directly through email us at

In that spirit of collaboration, we are going to push as far as we can with the concept of "open journalism," and give readers all the materials we used to make each story. We'll post any documents I use, show the full versions of press releases I draw from, embed the audio from interviews, including phone interviews with public officials and candidates – if the subjects permit me to record them.

My hope is that if readers have access to the source material, they will be able to point out important facets that we overlook, or just drive deeper into a particular point of interest. This approach also has the benefit or being more credible, as readers will be able to hear the full content of quotes, rather than just the text we decide to include, and draw their own conclusions accordingly.

Giving Back

You can’t truly serve a community unless you provide the help it needs most, which is why giving back is so important to us. We do it as part of our coverage — in a dedicated space that lets local charities and volunteers find each other — and with a program called “Give 5,” through which we donate free advertising space to charitable organizations and contribute our own time as volunteers.

In El Dorado County is owned and operated by the Placerville Newswire Service.

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About Us: The MoLo News Syndicate is an innovative way to find out about, and participate in, what's going on near you.

MoLo Syndicate [MOLO] is the central Network hub that powers Community News Websites. The Molo Functions as an enabling Hub technology network that has local nodes operating as independent business owner/operators under an Afflilate agreement.  The MoLo has a revolutionary effect on the news industry by enhancing the manner in which news is compiled, analysed, and disseminated.

We're a community-specific news, information, and events network where you can keep up with news and events local to you.

Network Partners: MoLo Syndicate is a networked online publishing platform for local news websites.  MOLO, working with a local news editor or Editor-in-Chief, publishes a news and events website for consumer that is geo-targeted to a specific market.  All content is created or curated specifically for the local taste by a local editor.

The Hub technology network (MOLO Syndicate) has local nodes operating as independent business owner/operators under an Afflilate agreement.

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Media: Welcome to MOLO Syndicate, a news network designed for Mobile devices with locals who are truly passionate about the area – for the most authentic experience around.

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