OVERVIEW: News delivery paradigm shift and new media's place and products.

new-media.jpg"Local news sites network empowered by Global resources - Building community through common experiences"

Building Network Utility for Local Media Development

The Hub technology network (MOLO) will be formed as a LLP with local nodes forming as independent business owner/operators under a franchise type agreement.

MOLO is currently a sole proprietorship seeking expansion capital by selling equity shares.

MOLO has established a working business model including the technology and methodology in delivering local content. After 10 years of testing and changing to understand and meet market demand MOLO now owns a network of website that are effectively company-owned franchises.

MOLO’s Mission is to leverage new media to establish a new channel of local news and event distribution that meets the evolving expectations of an increasingly technologically savvy public.

Our goal is to provide the hardware and software backend, along with training and procedures, that will allow an army of local citizen journalist to compete effectively with larger and entrenched media sources. Construct a quickly expanding hyperlocal news curation to a feed-based local online news source. 

Develop and utilize citizen journalist to produce original content. Build an integrated advertising network.

MOLO has years of real-time experience learning what does, and does not, work. The Principle has been built and operated community based Internet Portals for more than 25 years. He established Placerville.Info 10 years ago as a local area business and service directory. 5 years ago he started PRpond.com as a Press Release distribution service but it quickly evolved into a local news aggregator. 

After nearly four years of beta-testing and continual experimentation a highly effective model was established that delivered content to a hungry public. With positive public testimonials and high user retention rates, it was time to leave beta testing and a new online newspaper was established at InEDC.com. Current growth rate and penetration into the entrenched local news service is proof of the viability of the model and the Principle’s core competencies.

New News

the New Media news paradigm shift

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