Protest Expected Against Tahoe Police And County DA

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DA Protest


In an explosive accusation, Ty Robben accuses Tahoe jail and El Dorado County DA of withholding jail video that shows police officer committed perjury.

It is not unusual for someone accused of a crime to say they will make a public protest, but Ty Robben has the record to make that claim real.  Robben's case is against the local Nevada courts and the Appellate court has supported his claims.  The El Dorado County courts come into play as an arrest was made in South Lake Tahoe to which Robben's claims was illegally made by Tahoe police.  Now he claims that the DA is withholding exculpatory evidence in the form of a jailhouse video showing that the affidavit made by police is false.

Robben writes:

My case has been stalled in court. So much for a "speedy trial". The day it happened I had just moved my belongings from my home in South Tahoe after losing it due to all the other problems stemming from Carson City and being in jail for 8 months. I had just sold my other land that day and cashed the check, and was on the way to get a pizza. There is no way I was over the DUI limit,  but the SLTPD arrested me, stuck me in the jail where I was put in the "hole for 3 days and that was no right since they are supposed to release after 8 hours...

The bottom line is that Officer Laney claims to have served me a form called notice of suspension on 08/20/2014, but he did not. It is impossible because his statement on the for is dated 08/21/2014. Then Officer Wilson signed off on the affidavit for warrantless arrest/probable cause of Laney's statement - Not Laney. The judge never signed it after 48 hours. I am also awaiting video from the jail that may show that the alleged officer Wilson did not take the "breath test" of .09 at the jail, instead a sheriff deputy did.

If you read the story on my website, this happened in Southern California and the officers were charges for perjury and falsification of a police report. That is what happened here and yet Vern Pierson has not dismissed the case as of yet or filed charges against the officers. The public defender has dragged their feet too. I asked him (David Rogers) to file a motion to disqualify the El Dorado DA since I protested them and sued them (that writ of mandate) and I am planning to sue them for civil rights violations stemming from the bounty hunter case and now this DUI charge. I also demanded a motion to suppress the police reports since there was no "probable cause" and the perjury on the reports/affidavits.

Stay tuned as this story develops and as we await comments from South Lake Tahoe Chief Brian Uhler and El Dorado County District Attorney Vern Pierson to see if criminal charges will be filed against the Officers Laney and Wilson.

Robben is known by many, but not by his name, but by the protests he has organized in protest of what he calls a political prosecution.

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Here is a video of an earlier protest:


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  • Perry R. Obray

    2 years 10 months ago

    I got pulled over for a DUI between Reno and Carson City around 2002. Totally fabricated documents.

    Passed the field sobriety test, officer said I failed the blow. Then when asked if I wanted to blow or draw blood, I asked for blood withdrawal. He said it will still come back DUI. Then packs me in his patrol car to Reno speeding all the way. In the police station I was yelled at to sign documents I never read. Then the public convictor threatened me with 6 months in jail if I didn't plead guilty minutes before the trial(the only time I was allowed an attorney). Then the judge refused to take into consideration the perjury police report.

    Kinda wonder if that was the same Reno judge shot in his chambers a few years later.

  • Ty Robben

    2 years 10 months ago

    Thanks for posting the story about the shenanigans on this new trumped-up charge on me by the SLTPD. The DMV had to "reserve" me the notice my license would be suspended because of the "improper service" ...Let's just call it perjury since the form itself say "signed under the penalty of perjury" and Sgt. Shannon Laney committed perjury by signing a false statement there and on the reports along with Cody Willson. I want to file a complaint and criminal charges against Sgt. Laney and Officer Wilson and the SLTPD tells me I need to go to their main office in So. Lake Tahoe - in person to file the "Internal Affairs" form... First of all, I live 3 hours away and I don't have my license because of the fraud committed by Laney and Wilso. Secondly, I DO NOT want to be around the SLTPD or their corrupt cops so they can harass me more and tase me and jail me on another trumped-up charge. If I go, I am bringing the "worlds largest CRIME SCENE tape" and protesting the SLTPD and demanding Laney and Wilson are FIRED!!!!!! Happy New Year

  • Ty Robben

    2 years 10 months ago

    El Dorado DA Vernon Pierson made $258,220.12
    SLTPD Chief BRIAN UHLER made $224,117.93
    SLTPD SGT. JEFFREY REAGAN made $227,505.72
    SLTPD SGT. PHILLIP WILLIAMS made $215,920.66
    SLTPD LIE. DAVID O STEVENSON made $210,653.85

    See more:

  • Melissa

    2 years 9 months ago

    My son was arrested and charged for protecting himself against a
    violent predator that was threating to shoot him! During his arraignment his own public defender withheld important evidence objected but when asked on what grounds she replied " I don't know" the prosecutor allowed false witness testimony and withheld facebook posts about the "victim" threatening to have my son beaten and raped while he was incarcerated by his associates in the jail, proving that this man was and still is out to get my son, my son who is 19 was sentenced to 6 years of his life for protecting himself! Never have I seen such a debacle of justice in a courtroom the blatant corruption in this courthouse was appalling to say the least! When the Prosecutor forgot the false witnesses name he turned to the "victim" and his family to ask them " what was her name again? oh yeah , but this false witness was supposed to appear out of the goodness of her heart to report that my son was bragging about the beating of the "Victim" however my son was in custody for this fight during said party that this so called witness says she saw him on a certain day well he has a solid alibi he was in your jail? They make things up, they lie, they withhold evidence and they ruin young peoples lives the whole system is corrupt this just happened on January 23 2015! It seems like the corruption just keeps on happening in this hoe bunk town! We are filing a sentence appeal and hope that this is not swept under the rug like everything else in this corrupt courtroom!

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