Supervisor Speaks Out About Pay Bonuses for Electeds

by admin / Dec 08, 2014 / 6 comments
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Ron Briggs

On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors will be considering an agenda item brought forth by Supervisors Veerkamp and Santiago that will reinstate a set of salary schemes giving annually bonuses to elected officials.

If passed some elected officials will receive upwards of 20% extra salary on top of their $140,000 + a year salary and benefits.

If you recall, in an effort to say “no!” to soaring public official salaries, the main contributor to the ever elusive “unfunded liability”, this same Board (save Frentzen), in October 2013,  eliminated these schemes. Unfunded liability is fueled by pension spiking. And make no mistake about Tuesdays potential approval, a few of these elected officials are spiking their pensions.

In 2013 the Board chose a fair scale of pay by selecting an average medium salary level as compared to eight surrounding counties simultaneously eliminating all the extra pay schemes.

In some cases the 2013 action saved taxpayers $40,000 per elected official.

If Tuesdays vote is successful, these elected officials will receive the very same 2013 eliminated bonuses AND will have the benefit of using the new and higher base salary costing taxpayers another $40,000 per elected in some cases.

The CAO estimates the cost to the General Fund will be $140,000 this year and grow about 20% annually.

For the last couple of months the Auditor Controller has repeatedly warned our current county budget is upside down and that county employees will have to be laid off, including deputies.

Which is it? Upside down or upside just enough for a special few?

Below is a contact list for you to let your district supervisor know your position on this matter.


District I Supervisor Mikulaco     621  5650

District II Supervisor Frenzen      621  5651

District III Supervisor Veerkamp  621 5652

District IV Supervisor Briggs      621 6513

District V Supervisor Santiago      621 6577

Comments (6)

  • Dave Bishop

    2 years 11 months ago

    what was the cost of living increase, from 2013 to 2014? (the equivivalant of 40K?) that would be a fair question. also, why the raise one year after the supervisors set in place a fair wage scale? new blood? 140,000.00 is a fair wage and in fact, considerably more than most people the supervisor position is a temporary position(two term) the scale should be , entry level, mid term, and end of term.I would likely say, for instance, 90K entry(plus benifits) 110K, mid term, and 140K Final two years)...1% annual bonus, not to exceed 1000.00. in fact, I would be equal on this...give them all a 1000.00 christmas bonus...and these pay scales would STAY in place, for the future seat recipients.give this a try...40,000.00?! who gets raises like this in the public sector?

  • Frank Stephens

    2 years 11 months ago

    How disgusting that our supervisors, fearful of two powerful elected officials who have a history of vengeance and retribution, would go along with the scheme to rape taxpayers to the sole benefit of these two officials. Thank you, Supervisor Briggs for standing up for taxpayers against this cartel of shame.

  • Summerset

    2 years 11 months ago

    So Joe Harn is flapping about the county being upside down and running out of money. Starnge, that just a few months ago, while running for reelection to his $250.000.00 a year job, he was boasting about what a wonderful job he has done and EDC was one of the most financially stable county in the state. Whats up Joe? To give a raise to any of the elected bloodsuckers is a slap in the voters face. We pay enough for the lies we get. Wheres Applegarth when we need him?

  • Oscar S. Ramirez

    2 years 11 months ago

    That is a ridiculous idea to increase salaries and give bonuses to our supervisors. They are public servants and not managers in in private industry. To hear Joe Harns say, the County is running low in revenue is a sad commentary. What have they done to merit such proposed increases? Nothing! No sooner do these politicians getinto office then they want the taxpayers to keep them in a cushy TajMahal. The economy is flat and these politicians want raises and bonuses on the backs of the poor. Just watch, a call for increases in taxes will come if the proposal goes through. They should be ashamed to consider such proposal or maybe they are beyond shame. They can stand in line and look for honest jobs if they don't like the pay they are getting. They are not entitled to any raises especially under the economic conditions of the County. Joe, I voted for you so keep these politicians away from the money till.

  • Mike Owen

    2 years 11 months ago

    Oscar - read the story! The vote already happened. The Supervisors voted to raise pay and give non-performance bonuses TO JOE HARN and his cronies. You are pleading with Joe to help you? The Supervisors get $76K a year. Joe and the rest of the folks on the list of those who benefit from this money grab because of "compaction" make at LEAST TWICE as much. $500K of general fund tax dollars were just spent to pad the pockets of elected department heads. Now, we need to make cuts to county programs and services to make up for it. Make no mistake - there is no one in County Government with your interests in mind. Least of all Joe.

  • Oscar S. Ramirez

    2 years 11 months ago

    Mike thank you for the update. Looks like they are beyond shame. That type of self-indulgence is what occurs when no controls are set for governing groups. No wonder the public is suspicious of politicians. Looks the fox was in charge of the chicken coop.

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