Sex with Lawyers Stopped at EDC Jail, Now an issue at Sac Co. Jail Lawsuit

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Sage Kaveny

2016-01-28, 09:35:09 PLACERVILLE CA

   "El Dorado County sheriff’s officials, who alleged Kaveny was engaged in a 'romantic relationship' with Stratos, 'who admittedly and openly prefers same-sex relationships,' court documents say."

Attorney sues Sacramento County over accusation she disrobed while meeting with client in jail. 


... And it ignited a legal battle between Kaveny and the Sheriff’s Department that on Tuesday resulted in her filing a federal civil rights lawsuit, arguing she was prevented from performing her duties as a lawyer simply because she is a woman

Within minutes of her standing up that evening in November 2014, guards hustled her client away to be strip-searched and...

The Sheriff’s Department subsequently restricted her from visiting clients at the jails – even after a judge intervened and said there were no grounds to think she had behaved inappropriately...

Kaveny claims actions by jail officials to restrict her access affected her ability to represent her clients, including BlackOwl, who ended up spending three years in jail before he went to trial and was acquitted of all the charges he faced...

BlackOwl, whose prosecution was stalled for nine months as a result of the department’s accusations, said that after he was pulled from the cell, he was strip-searched and checked for contraband – which they did not find. He had his “houseman,” or trusty, status revoked, and he was moved to a maximum security cell at the Main Jail...

That led Kaveny back to Judge Román, who issued another order again restoring her rights, and then on to an administrative hearing. By July, Kaveny’s attorney visitation rights were back in place...

The only explanation offered in documents about why Kaveny might have fallen under suspicion at the Sacramento jail came from her visits to the El Dorado County jail starting in September 2012, when she was working as a legal intern. Court documents say Kaveny met repeatedly with suspected con man Troy Stratos, who was found guilty last May by a federal jury of an $11 million fraud involving Facebook stock.

Kaveny billed Stratos for more than 1,000 hours of legal work, court documents say, but her visits to him, which typically came at night because, she said, she was working a day job, began to generate gossip in the jail. Kaveny acknowledges that during her visits she brought some items Stratos had requested – hypoallergenic deodorant, DVDs and a CD player, and running shoes with insoles, but said in court papers that all of them were delivered to a deputy to decide whether Stratos could receive them.

Court papers say she also ordered four bags of Ghiradelli chocolate chips – worth $27.95 – delivered to the jail kitchen where Stratos worked. They were intended for use in the annual county fair baking contest, in which inmates compete.

(A July 2013 Sacramento Bee story noted that the inmates won 31 ribbons in the contest that year.)

Apparently this became too much for El Dorado County sheriff’s officials, who alleged Kaveny was engaged in a “romantic relationship” with Stratos, “who admittedly and openly prefers same-sex relationships,” court documents say.

El Dorado County sheriff’s officials alleged in an email that Kaveny had ordered a “full pallet” of chocolates that was stopped, court documents say.

Kaveny denies that, but the email was forwarded to Sacramento County sheriff’s officials because Stratos, a federal prisoner, was transferred to the Sacramento County jail.

Kaveny said in the interview with The Sacramento Bee that she found the transfer ironic because, at the time, she was living in Sacramento and the move brought the inmate closer to her. Kaveny said that, since the allegations began, she has felt “like I was in high school and the football team had just started a rumor about me.”

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