Opinion: Exclusion of Superior Court Judge Dylan Sullivan lies not in Law but Politics

by admin / Sep 14, 2015 / 0 comments
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2015-09-14, 06:35:50  PLACERVILLE CA

The Aug. 17 Mountain Democrat reported that “El Dorado County District Attorney officials have excluded County Superior Court Judge Dylan Sullivan from proceedings until further notice.” The action was done under claimed authority of Code of Civil Procedure Sect. 170.6, the filing of a Peremptory Challenge in one specific case.

Does District Attorney Vern Pierson really plan to sit and write Sect. 170.6 challenge after challenge for every case before Judge Sullivan?

Does Pierson have a fortune-teller’s power to know in advance that Judge Sullivan will rule in a ‘prejudiced’ manner in every case the DA brings before her? What is really going on here?

The answer lies not in law but politics. And a section of law twisted to serve political purposes.

DA Vern Pierson is a core member of the Good Ole Boys. The last election he backed Good Ole Boy lawyer Joe Hoffman for the judgeship, which the voters overwhelming gave to attorney Dylan Sullivan. But Pierson hasn’t accepted that. So when he smears Judge Sullivan’s honesty and fairness by filing blanket challenges to her serving as judge in case after case, he is building up a made-up “stain” on her record as judge that can be used against her in the next election when his boy Joe Hoffman runs again.

If Pierson really believed that Judge Sullivan was systematically prejudiced, he would have reported her to the Commission on Judicial Performance, a state agency for investigating complaints of judicial misconduct. But Pierson won’t because the commission isn’t beholden to El Dorado County dirty politics. Instead Pierson bogs down the local courts with his vendetta against Judge Sullivan.

Like the majority of voters, I voted for Dylan Sullivan because she is honest, bright, fair and incorruptible. Standards which Vern Pierson would do well to emulate.

 Diamond Springs