Editorial: Political Motives Behind Local Court Shakeup Suggested

by admin / Aug 17, 2015 / 0 comments
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Do look Behind the curtain

2015-08-17, 03:34:14 PLACERVILLE CA

Last week, following the District Attorney’s carefully choreographed procession of disqualification motions; Presiding Judge Suzanne Kingsbury removed popular Judge Dylan Sullivan from her assignment in Department 7 where she had been hearing criminal cases. 

This move has many political observers questioning the politics behind this action. 

First, Judge Kingsbury is a former El Dorado County deputy district attorney. 

Second, EDC District Attorney Vern Pierson strongly campaigned on behalf of Judge Sullivan’s opponent Joe Hoffman and helped elect one of his deputy DA’s, Vicki Ashworth, to the Bench.

Third, it is customary in most counties for the prestigious position of Presiding Judge to be rotated among the judges every two years; however Judge Kingsbury has been our County’s Presiding Judge since 1999 and may now fear losing her esteemed title. 

In the wake of District Attorney Vern Pierson’s penchant for using the power of his office to drag innocent persons through the legal system for career furthering publicity or to crush political opponents, the people of El Dorado County should pay careful attention to what is happening with our Superior Court.   

We should ask ourselves…do we really want our day in court to be in front of a judge who was a former assistant district attorney controlled by District Attorney Vern Pierson?