Harn, Pierson Vendetta May Cost County Big Dollars

by admin / Nov 24, 2014 / 1 comments
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Taxpayers are ATMs
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Placerville, CA – Two legal claims were filed Friday with El Dorado County seeking compensatory damages from Auditor-Controller Joe Harn, District Attorney Vern Pierson and the County of El Dorado for injuries caused from several unlawful acts committed by the two County officials against government relations and political consultant Dan Dellinger.

These illegal acts, called “torts” in legal parlance, include Malicious Prosecution, Abuse of Process, Violation of Federal and State Civil Rights, Breach of Contract, Conversion, Defamation, False Light, Invasion of Privacy, Deceit, Oppression, Fraud, and Malice.

The first claim arose from Pierson and Harn’s highly publicized malicious prosecution of Dellinger which culminated in a unanimous 47 minute verdict in Dellinger’s favor and cost the County an estimated $250,000 in staff time from the District Attorney’s Office, County Counsel’s Office, and outside private sector attorney fees.

The second claim was filed because Harn continues to withhold $12,000 that has been due Dellinger since March 2013 for work the consultant successfully preformed for the Pioneer Fire Protection District which Harn tried to stop Dellinger from receiving as part of Pierson and Harn’s failed malicious prosecution.

Dellinger is a long time political rival, often retained by elective office seekers running in opposition to rival candidates backed by Pierson and Harn.

Harn and Pierson have come under increasing criticism for bullying, taking nearly half a million dollars in non-performance “bonuses” and other money beyond their advertised six figure salaries, abusing their offices to injure political enemies, cronyism and other corrupt practices.

Under California law, if a government entity, such as a County or special district, does not reach a settlement with the person filing a claim for damages then that person is allowed to file a law suit in against that entity State court after 45 days. Under certain circumstances, public officials and public employees may be held personally liable for unlawfully acts or “torts” causing injury to others.



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  • Frank Stephens

    2 years 12 months ago

    I have no sympathy for the taxpayers of El Dorado County. The reelected Harn and Pierson knowing full well they were self-serving, vengeful politicians well-known for getting rid of anyone who would oppose them. Harn continues to mount his body count of former county employees suing the county. El Dorado County can't hire qualified employees unless it signs generous severance packages because new hires know the reputations of Harn and Pierson.

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